How We Work

Making student society purchases and group custom orders easier than ever before.

Features of LeagueBuy:

  • Space to accommodate product personalisation requests
  • Ability to set pricing tiers based on order volume
  • Fund transferral to the group leader for risk-free group ordering
  • Email receipt containing every piece of group information for easy ordering

Sometimes an individual has to buy things for a group. That's why we're here.

We were tired of having to take responsibility for group orders, trying to collect money, and somehow always losing our own money in the process.

We knew you could buy online, but often we prefer to go to the high-street printer or local shop to get that custom item - we decided to make that process easier.

We thought: 'after I've worked out where to buy from and at what price, why can't I put those details online myself, and let everyone see the details, order there, and then pay me all at once?'. With LeagueBuy people can share holiday payments, concert tickets, stag-party costs, or anything else where one person has to book for a group.

In other words... LeagueBuy is the middle-man's middle-man.

If you're responsible for an order:

  1. Work out which supplier you're buying from, just as before. Get the details of the items and their prices.
  2. Log on to and START A GROUP.
  3. Set how long you want it to be open.
  4. Fill it with the details of your products, and send it by email to whoever you need to.

Then - simply wait! When the group closes, you'll receive an email telling you who has ordered which items and how many. And when you confirm it with the site, all the money for payment will be put through to your PayPal account.

Product options such as size or colour can be mentioned within the Item Description Box, and each individual pledger can note their personal preference within the Customisation Box when they pledge. This information will be included in the final email to the group leader in an organised table format.

All the information you need to place a comprehensive order for your group, with all the necessary details, in one tidy email.

If you need any more help, or simply would like to know more about us and our ethos, feel free to drop us a line!

Go ahead and start a group now!