About LeagueBuy

Your tool for stress-free group purchasing.

Sometimes an individual has to buy things for a group. That's why we're here.

LeagueBuy came from the heads of frustrated sports captains and society presidents. Tired of having to take responsibility for kit orders, tired of trying to get everyone's attention by email, and tired of never getting back enough cheques to cover the full payment.

Order from any sort of shop!

Often we prefer to go to the high-street printer to get that custom-made item, and so we decided to make that process easier. In fact, even when making basic online orders to large retailers, finding out exactly what everyone wants and in which variety can be a time-consuming challenge. We thought: 'after I've worked out where to buy from and at what price, why can't I put those details online myself, and let everyone see the details, order there, and then pay me all at once?'

And, actually, why stop at kit orders? Why not also design it so that people can share holiday payments, concert tickets, or anything else where one person has to book for a group? So that's what we did.

LeagueBuy is the middle-man's middle-man.

For details on the process of using LeagueBuy, see our how we work page.

Hopefully the site will explain itself, but if you need any more help drop us a line.

"My entire job has become so much easier and more time-efficient. I no longer dread doing the annual kit orders."

Captain, Corpus Christi Boat Club, Cambridge University

"LeagueBuy made organising my brother-in-law's stag-do so much easier. It saved me spending hours emailing and chasing up people I barely knew for money. All I had to do was make a group, add the info, invite the attendees, and let the site do the rest."

George Oliver, Stag-Do Organiser